Hard Drive Details

Model: Toshiba MK6409MAV
Interface: IDE
S/N: 98960899

Firmware ID: F5.01 A
PCB Rev: B360181 62010-A
Country: JAPAN
Other Label Info: HDD2918 H ZE01

Health Report: Model: "TOSHIBA MK6409MAV " SN: "98960899 ", LBAs: 12685680 - Express Diagnostics - SMART verification: Successful. - Media Scan Statistics - Total Scanned Sectors: 200 Read Successfully: 200

Price: 40.00 USD (+Shipping)

Location: United States, CO

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Seller's Terms:
Continental US and CANADA only.


Guest: On the other label info it says "C ZE01" but the picture shows something else. Can seller verify if its a C or H? Thanks.
Seller: It is H ZE01. Sorry about the confusion.
Guest: Take it the drive is in good working order. Are you selling the whole drive or is the circuit board available only at a reduced cost?
Seller: We are selling the complete drive and it is in good working order.

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